Visual Project Management Software - Viewpoint VISUM


Intelligent Project Collaboration Software

Solution Overview


Deliver Projects On Time

VISUM measures your schedule risk throughout the life of your projects. You get early warning of problems so your team can focus on the tasks that matter most. You won’t need heroic efforts to complete on time; VISUM’s proprietary algorithm tells you early when you’re off track.


Your Project and Portfolio at a Glance

Using a streamlined presentation of your project delivery process, everyone will see where they are and where they need to go. Problem spots and bottlenecks are obvious, improving the speed and quality of communication. See deep into your portfolio and accelerate.


Plan and Manage Your Resources

Easily assign work by skill set, department, or any other groupings. See the peaks and valleys in your workload. Break the bottlenecks early to prevent expensive overtime, burnout and late projects. Behavioral diagnostic tools pinpoint the weaknesses in your delivery process for improvements in speed, quality and reliability.

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Communicate Effectively

Get the information you need in the language your team speaks. Detailed information on tasks and resources for leaders, portfolio and process governance information for sponsors and executives. You’ll have fewer surprises knowing the health of each project, portfolio and your project delivery process.


Simple and Intuitive

VISUM uses easy to understand swim lanes to show tasks, status and progress. Daily updates are made using drag and drop, typing, or importing the information. Performance data is stored and automatically updates task durations, delays, and estimated completion dates.


Informed Collaboration

By breaking the project execution process into value streams and the requirements for completing them, the focus of the team shifts from completing tasks to creating value. VISUM eliminates the need for long status meetings, because the project status is clear. Teams can focus on what is truly important to move the project forward, reducing multitasking and improving productivity.

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