Automate Your Workflow with the Theory of Constraints & VISUM

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You can build the right behaviors into your workflow with VISUM, cloud-based project management tool.
We built VISUM for organizations that have projects. It’s designed to be visual and collaborative, with all the sophistication behind the scenes. Easy to adopt, easy to use. You can go from zero to running in TWO weeks.


It has the Theory of Constraints principles and behaviors built in:


  • ✓ Buffer directed behavior to set the right task priorities
  • ✓ Full kit checklists to reduce multitasking
  • ✓ WIP limits to monitor and prevent early release
  • ✓ Planned load monitoring to manage your lead times so you don’t over-promise
  • ✓ The visual system lets you see the flow and the bottlenecks
  • ✓ Delivery date management to ensure the right priorities are communicated throughout the process
  • ✓ Identify future or potential bottlenecks with buffer incursion statistics
  • ✓ Dashboards for process owners to diagnose and resolve process problems


In addition to all of this, it has workflow automation built in:


  • ✓ Document sharing
  • ✓ Email notifications
  • ✓ Task lists


It’s the first application of its kind. It supports simplified Drum Buffer Rope and critical chain.
Collaborate, communicate, and improve your delivery process. VISUM users report dramatic increases in productivity without working harder. Get results fast without disrupting your business.

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