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Always know where you’re at and who is doing what, by when.

These ViewPoint & VISUM practices will give you clarity around responsibilities and next steps during execution so you can get more done with less effort.

With VISUM, it’s easy to see where you are, the path forward, and any obstacles in your way. When everyone has a map to the destination, you can get there faster.

Where? Everyone has the same map and understanding.

VISUM provides a visual representation of all of the work to be done. It shows you where it is now, where it needs to go, and the obstacles in your path.

VISUM Board ViewVISUM Bird's Eye View of Board

Who? Every task has an owner.

In VISUM, you can see all tasks to be completed by manager, resource, and department. There’s no mystery about who has the ball.


See the work do be done by project.

The work to be done by resource

When? Know exactly when work will be done. Keep everyone synchronized to the same deadlines—regardless of time zone.

See the work to be done by task.

See the work to be done by date.


Drill down to the project and see the planned versus actual completion timeline. Are you ahead or behind?


What? See where work is blocked or critical attention is needed.

See the projects that are stopped or critical (red or yellow).

Drill down to the detail


VISUM makes it easy to manage the work of small and large teams.


Try ViewPoint with VISUM.  You’ll get more done in less time, on time.



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