Deliver Projects On Time with VISUM Project Scheduling Software

On time project delivery or better

Your business revolves around project schedules and its success hinges on getting your projects completed and delivered on time or even ahead of time. Of course, project schedules aren’t written in stone, are they?

There are always things to be learned along the way. These lessons often result in scope changes, increased efforts and even adding resources. Because as you well know – project schedules may be flexible, but delivery dates aren’t.

As if this weren’t enough, there are those unexpected events that threaten the entire project’s schedule. It’s also important to begin new work and maintain a chain of projects – so how does that effect each project’s delivery?

VISUM’s unique approach is to automatically and actively monitor each project’s work flow and keep you and your team up to date. VISUM gives you the power to stay ahead of the scheduling tidal wave in two ways: vigilant monitoring of projects that are in progress versus your delivery commitments. VISUM also forecasts how effective you’ll be – and what you need to do – to deliver new work on time as well. Click here to try VISUM for free.

Each work package is automatically tracked and scheduled in order to meet planned delivery dates. Should any project task take longer than you planned, you’ll get an alert. If things get too far off track, a new delivery date is automatically calculated.

VISUM lets you buffer your project completion dates – to build in extra time in order to compensate for the unknowns and unavoidable delays. That way you can deal with them early on and your customer will never have to wait for your deliverables.

Your ability to manage work remaining versus buffer time remaining gives you an objective view of your schedules and on time delivery risk over the entire life of each project.

VISUM’s active monitoring gives you the added advantage to be able to deal with delivery risk before it becomes a problem. Should the risk factor rise too high, you’ll be able to mobilize the team’s efforts to guarantee your on time project delivery.

The VISUM project scheduling software is your company’s ever-faithful and ever-vigilant watchdog that accelerates your work flow and provides your team with unprecedented on time project delivery power.

Each work package is scheduled and tracked to show planned and estimated completion dates. When a task takes longer than planned, a new delivery date is calculated.

Schedule Risk index

We’ve built this unique feature into VISUM to reinforce your ability to meet and even exceed delivery deadlines – even when you have multiple projects running and in various stages of completion.

  • Helps you make decisions on task and project priority management.
  • Supports early intervention – VISUM automatically works to prevent issues before they occur.
  • Allows an objective evaluation of project and portfolio schedule health.

Schedule risk index is available as part of the On Time Package, in the standard and advanced plans.

Delivery promising

An important factor in guaranteeing that you meet on time delivery is your ability to provide customers with accurate delivery promises. This feature of VISUM is a safeguard that prevents you from over promising delivery dates as well as over committing to projects that you can’t possibly complete on time. Additionally, the delivery promising module prevents early starts. Avoiding early starts reduces the complexity of your overall project management. By eliminating early starts, you no longer invest in projects that simply sit idle, tying up your time, potential resources and running the danger of delivery over runs. This feature is available in VISUM’s standard and advanced plans.
This feature is available in VISUM’s standard and advanced plans.