Informed Collaboration: VISUM online collaboration software

Value-based collaboration for improved performance

Collaboration is the key to completing team-based projects. Like a well-oiled machine, a team that works together in harmony and has a clear understanding of what they each need to do and why is capable of just about anything.

VISUM online collaboration software does more than simply allow you to assign tasks to individuals – it gives you the power to break the project execution process into value streams. You shift the team’s focus from simply “doing the job” to meeting requirements that add definite value to the overall project.

Statistics show that the most important thing to people in the workforce today – aside from a paycheck that clears – is that they feel that they’re important. Team members need to feel that they’re truly contributing in a meaningful way to the organization for which they work.

VISUM web-based project collaboration software makes the status of each project clear at all times. You no longer need to waste long hours in status meetings – instead, you and the entire team can push forward at an accelerated pace to meet and exceed all project delivery dates.

Teams can focus on what’s truly important and disregard time and resource wasting activities. VISUM moves projects forward faster by reducing multi-tasking and improving productivity. Click here to try VISUM for free.

Role based access

One way that VISUM team management software accelerates your production capability is that it gives team leaders the power to assign project access based on specific roles. Team members are smoothly directed toward those tasks for which they’re best suited and encouraged to perform because of the value that’s assigned to each job.

Share updates, creating a history of the project

Complete cloud-based project collaboration software specially designed to boost your team's performance


  • Role-based access control.
  • Value-driven work assignment.
  • Open communication at all times and at all levels.
  • Automatic and manual email notifications.
  • Custom card comments.
  • Change log with complete card / board linkages and document links.

Custom card comments and email notifications are available in the standard and advanced plans.
All other collaboration features are available in all plans. Click here to try VISUM for free.