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Managed Visual Project Execution (VPE)

The Offer for Managed Visual Project Execution

For a fixed monthly fee (2-month minimum term) we provide you a consultant and everything you need to build a high-productivity, visual project delivery process, in the shortest time possible.

The Managed VPE Consultant

You will work an experienced VPE Consultant. It is his mission to help you accelerate your projects; working hand in hand with your team to design, build and supervise the critical infrastructure and processes required for the successful implementation of ViewPoint in your organization.

He will take care of all the mechanics and build you a scalable delivery process based on the Project Execution Maturity Model so your organization can get on with what it does best — delivering high quality projects and products, and making your customers happy!


Your consultant will work with your individual contributors and middle management to get them well versed in how to effectively to work in and manage people within the ViewPoint execution system. This includes things like how to use VISUM to run an effective and productive collaboration meeting, understanding and acting upon the critical process information, identifying the process bottlenecks, improving collaboration, managing and sorting the right task and project priorities to deliver more projects on time, in less time.


Your consultant will take personal responsibility for the development and ongoing coaching of your delivery team members in priority setting, conflict escalation, and collaboration. This includes everything from learning how to use VISUM, to establishing an execution cadence, to finding and implementing opportunities to deliver more, better work, on time.

He will even work with your operations manager (or lead) to coach her team to ensure that they are ready to take on the unexpected challenges that inevitably arise during projects.

Project Management

As your VPE Consultant, he will work hands-on in your business as an extension of your management team, overseeing and implementing key delivery initiatives and ensuring the integrity of your new execution process (and its integration with other functions) are properly built and maintained.

Plus, each month he will provide the senior management team with a detailed report advising the status of current initiatives and the performance of the overall delivery function.

Your Support Team


You’ll have unlimited access to Mark Woeppel and our senior strategy team to make sure the engagement stays on track and we build an astonishing, highly productive, project delivery process.

As required, you can bring in the full Pinnacle Strategies’ ‘brain trust’ for everything from a high-level strategic planning workshop to a quick clarification on the best next-step for a current initiative. You’ll be able to draw on decades of experience in a wide variety of cultures and environments, to bring the best, most effective practices to fruition in your team.


We have a team of programmers and tech specialists at your disposal. If you want to automate parts your process, develop a custom application, or integrate VISUM into your existing systems, our team will do it for you.

Training & Development

Our talented team of trainers and process experts have created and delivered thousands of hours in skills development training. Topics range from the basics of project management to using sophisticated modeling techniques to forecast outcomes. Process improvement topics covering basic tools like Kanban and Lean, to creating a Design of Experiments to improve quality. And of course, we offer courses in all aspects of the Theory of Constraints.

This team will work with you to create a skills development program to take your team to the next level of performance, what you need, when you need it.

Recruiting & Resourcing

Our years of experience means we have an extensive network of skilled professionals we can call on to support your project, whether it’s a temporary, fill-in position, or a full time hire. We can write the job description, identify candidates, interview, and select the person that will get your job done.

And here’s the deal

The great news is that you get your consultant — and the entire Pinnacle Strategies resource pool of process and project experts — for less than the cost of one competent mid-level manger.

In fact, if yours is a mid-sized (or larger) business, it’s likely that the net cost of Managed VPE (from one month onwards) will be minimal — and in many cases, it pays for itself.

Here are three reasons why:

Your operating expenses will go down.

As we are building an exceptionally productive delivery process, your delivery-related expenses will go down. We often find that as velocity increases, expenses decrease. The work is simply not around long enough to “gather” costs. In addition, hard costs associated with expediting (last minute changes, rework, premium freight, and overtime) costs decline as well.

Your revenues will go up

The primary objective of your delivery process is to get things done. Shipped. Invoiced. ViewPoint strives to eliminate the friction points that slow delivery down. As that happens, projects and tasks complete faster, reducing the time to delivery and invoice – with your current staffing levels.

Our customers report that within 8 weeks of implementation, output increases at least 10%. That’s 10% additional sales, with no additional operating expense.

Your cash flow improves

With the faster completion time, projects spend less time languishing partially finished. Your cash is tied up for less time. You can buy later and invoice sooner. Typically, ViewPoint users report a 20% reduction in project durations.

Managed Visual Project Execution is a self-funding proposition for your organization

When you do the math, you’ll find the combination of expense reduction and increased sales more than justifies the cost of having Pinnacle Strategies as a permanent part of your team; at both a strategic and operational level.



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