A New Feature To Make Your Project a Success – Linked Cards and Boards

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Collaboration is one of the key factors for successful delivery of any kind of project. However, many project deadlines are still missed. One factor that causes missed deadlines and project delays is when unexpected change happens. Project teams try to minimize this risk by planning as much as possible, but still there are no guarantees.

Project visibility in all project phases will help you deliver your projects on time. With VISUM cloud-based project management tool, you can now gain full visibility over your projects.

With every new update, we strive to make VISUM an even more convenient collaboration hub that connects all your data together, so that any piece of work is at your fingertips when you need it.


Today we’d like to introduce a handy improvement that helps you specify individual projects as children of a main parent project. If you have a product or products that can be specified as an entire contract, or a product that is assembled from individual items, this is the right feature for you.


How to Use Linked Cards & Boards

Add “children” cards to a new board and progress automatically updates the “parent”. 

With linked cards, you can have one “master” or portfolio board that is automatically updated by its children. A local work group can manage their work, while the portfolio management team gets visibility into the execution status and details, real time.

Just open Card Zoom now to see the new ‘Linkages’ tab, then click on the plus icon to link new or existing card as parent or child.

You can create new cards right there and then as needed or look for existing card – same board or different board. This way, you can have higher level cards fleshed out and tracked in more specific details as child cards – on the same or separate child boards.



Every time a child card makes progress, it is tracked as task steps on a corresponding step of a parent card. And you can have as many child cards as you need – to fully describe your projects and your processes and track them in real time.


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