Plan and manage your resources with VISUM task management software

The best task management software never lets the ball get dropped

Managing your resources, either physical, digital or human and the tasks that must be performed is crucial to meet every project’s on time delivery date. This is arguably the largest and most complex aspect of any project, so we’ve designed VISUM to take some of the burden off of your shoulders. Click here to try VISUM for free.

With VISUM work management software, you easily assign work by whatever criteria you see fit – department, skillset or any other grouping. VISUM then visually displays the peaks and valleys in your workload so that you always have an accurate and intuitive situational awareness of your team’s workload.

Identify project bottlenecks early on to avoid expensive overtime, personnel burnout and late deliveries.

Behavioral diagnostic tools automatically pinpoint any weaknesses in your delivery process to improve speed, quality and reliability.

Reduce or eliminate multi-tasking or task switching by minimizing WIP with VISUM’s clear prioritization and task management software tools.

Resource groups

Resource management can make all the difference in the world as to whether or not you’re on time.
VISUM lets you assign critical resources locally to individuals or individual sections of the project. You can also assign resources globally when needed.
Compare throughput of process steps to identify opportunities to improve performance.
This feature is available in VISUM’s advanced plan.