Product - ViewPoint Visum

Cards are the work packages.

  • Work package with clear and measurable deliverables for an internal or external client
  • A repository for project and portfolio information with customizable data fields and drill down capability
See your entire project portfolio in one view.
Each work package is scheduled and tracked to show planned and estimated completion dates. When a task takes longer than planned, a new delivery date is calculated.
VISUM allows you to buffer your project completion dates to keep the uncertainty that affects all projects from affecting your customers. Managing the relationship of work remaining versus buffer remaining gives an objective view of schedule risk throughout the life of the project. When the risk is too great, the team can be mobilized to reduce it, BEFORE the project is late.
You may see clusters of work packages that show potential bottlenecks that slow your project and portfolio down. See your project or portfolio in a summary or detail view
You can drill down to the details
Gaps in the flow may indicate starving resources or excess capacity.
Quickly identify critical issues
Which areas need the most attention?
Configurable, actionable information for Project Managers and Owners
Customize to your needs to highlight and manage what is most important to you. Special Cards indicate projects of high importance; red dots indicate work blockage. yellow dots indicate work you want to closely manage. Show the information on the card that is most important to your team.
Share updates, creating a history of the project