3 Project Management Predictions for 2016

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Predicting the future is not an exact science. We made it through 2015 without facing a world apocalypse, and now we are up to on what might happen in 2016.

In project management terms, the landscape for project management changes every year. Some of the changes often require considerable effort for implementation whereas other changes may be just cosmetic. There’s one thing we can be sure about: change is inevitable.

But, what if you had a glimpse into the future?

Here are the project management trends which can be predicted with a certain degree of confidence.


Remote project teams will become the new normal

According to Intuit, by 2020 40% of the American workforce will be freelancers, contractors, and/or temporary employees by 2020. Organizations are already moving towards more geographically dispersed teams. Alongside that, full-time employees are increasingly working as members of global teams.

Technology plays a huge role in that. 

Teams will need to be connected with increased frequency as the workforce becomes more mobile, creating the need for improved business intelligence, online project management solutions and mobile apps for data sharing, and collaboration.

Corporate resource management

The biggest challenge facing most executives is that they do not know how much additional work the organization can take on without overtaxing the existing labor force. By establishing an effective capacity planning system, projects will be approved, and prioritized based upon resource availability. Effective resource management practices should allow us to design a portfolio of projects that will maximize the value that the company will receive.


Project Managers Will Need to learn more about change management

We expect that project managers will need to learn more about change management. As the executive level wants more buy-in and creates specific projects in respect to the change, project managers will be increasingly involved.

Project managers will be especially valuable in reporting, risk assessment, and team communication.


What do you predict for project management in 2016? Please share and let’s discuss.

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