Project Portfolio Management Software - VISUM

The entire picture at a glance

A picture is worth a thousand words, and Viewpoint VISUM project collaboration software gives you the most accurate visual in one simple intuitive display.

Thanks to a streamlined representation of your entire project and portfolio, everyone involved in your project can instantly see exactly where they are and where they need to go. You have the power to bring your ship safely into port on time or better yet… early!

What does delivering on time or ahead of schedule mean to your company’s profitability and long term success?

Every project, and indeed every portfolio of projects, is going to have problems and bottlenecks that slow you down or even put your delivery promises at risk. VISUM’s project visualization tool speeds up and even improves the quality of all project communication – both within and without.

VISUM is an intelligent project collaboration software that lets you see deep into your portfolio and accelerate your results!

Work package cards

Each work package is represented by its own card. You arrange and organize your cards to clearly demonstrate progress and measurable deliverables for a client or internal project sponsors.

Each card is a repository for individual project and even total portfolio information. Cards let you create and manage customizable data fields and let you drill down deep into each project quickly and easily.
VISUM collaboration software automatically arranges project cards by value stream and by management or process step. In this way, you always get an exact summary of the state of project execution.

VISUM opens the bottlenecks

Using the visual card display, VISUM automatically displays clusters of work packages to illustrate any bottlenecks that may occur in each project as well as your overall project portfolio. See the big picture or get a detailed view through this simple yet powerful project management software.

Drill down to the details

VISUM program management software displays gaps in your work flow that may indicate starving resources that you can put to better use. On the other hand, you may also have an excess of capacity that needs to be trimmed down or re-allocated. Viewpoint VISUM’s project visualization lets you really see critical issues in a single glance and gives you the power to act quickly and decisively.

What kinds of projects can be visually displayed?

Just about any type of project, from a single person job to a large multi-asset and even multi-locational project can be instantly and accurately displayed with VISUM program management software. Such project examples include:

  • Team management
  • Engineering project
  • Construction
  • IT project
  • Software development
  • Marketing project
  • architectural project
  • Job shop scheduling
  • Strategic business initiatives

Visually manage and track work

The entire thrust of VISUM is to automatically perform important project management tasks and to enhance your ability to guarantee on time project delivery or better. With visual board functionality and an intuitive user dashboard, VISUM improves:

  • Cycle time
  • Throughput
  • Work Priority
  • Current work blockages
  • Project portfolio progress