The Secret Ingredient for Project Success

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What can you do that makes a difference between project success and failure?


Maybe some collaboration software came to mind. Maybe you just need to get your team PMI certified. How about a project management boot camp? Another integrated software solution? Different tools?

All of these have something in common. They emphasize doing the same things better, rather doing new things. Insanity is often defined as doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. How are these things different?

They’re not.

There is too much group think in the project management improvement industry. The last big breakthrough that won wide adoption was the PERT method in the 60’s. Since then, we’ve been polishing the solution, rather than reexamining the fundamentals.


It’s similar to writing better recipes without having better cooks.

Let’s focus on where the leverage is – EXECUTION. It does not get more fundamental than that. It seems hardly anyone is focusing on where the action is – we assume if we give people the recipe, they will just figure it out. But, no one has – until now.

Here are some clear principles to make your project execute well – even if your plan isn’t perfect (and whose is?). These form the Project Execution Maturity Model. Each level of maturity is a reflection of the organization’s capability to manage activity and time.

Most basic level of execution maturity is BASIC COLLABORATION. Achieving this level dramatically increases velocity of tasks or work.

Here is just one example, the case of a Houston, Texas-based engineering team.

They created a visual project execution process that allowed them to see all the work in the system.
They then initiated action meetings to work collaboratively, systematically identifying and solving problems. This increased the velocity of work completion.

The improved collaboration led to increased control over the work in the process, enabling engineers, drafters, and even an engineering intern to effectively control the work in the system – eliminating multitasking and ensuring rapid completions.

Armed with accurate process information, the team was able to systematically identify and remove bottlenecks increasing total system output by 21% in less than 90 days.

This is just one example of dozens that we have worked on the past couple of years.


There you have it. The leverage in improving project performance is in execution. By focusing on the core principles of execution, you can dramatically improve your project performance – 30% more work with the same resources, on time, all the time. What are you waiting for?


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