Simple and Intuitive: VISUM simple project management software

Unravel the complexity of your projects

Managing complex projects or an entire portfolio of complex projects can be a daunting task at best and a near impossibility at worst. Viewpoint VISUM project management software has been designed to reduce and even eliminate this complexity using powerful and yet easy to use features. Click here to try VISUM project management software for Free.

VISUM visual project collaboration software allows you to quickly and efficiently understand and manage your projects and tasks:

VISUM project collaboration software lets you update multiple processes simultaneously!

VISUM uses easy to understand “swim lanes” to clearly and automatically illustrate tasks, status and progress.

Task status updates are made by typing, dragging and dropping or simply importing the information.

Performance data is stored and VISUM automatically updates your task durations, delays, and estimated completion dates

Customize VISUM software to exactly match your needs

Your entire project is easily organized into work package cards. By simply dragging and dropping them where you need them to go, VISUM automatically recalculates metrics for each work package, project and your entire portfolio instantly. Updating the status of individual work packages, entire projects or even an entire project portfolio is as simple as writing a quick text message.

Highlight and manage what’s most important to you

VISUM simple project managment software provides you with the ability to emphasize the work that is most important to your team.

  • Create special cards to indicate projects and tasks of higher importance.
  • Red dots indicate work blockage.
  • Yellow dots indicate work you want to closely manage.

Customize the information on the card to emphasize what is most important to your team.

Built-in knowledge Base

The ready availability of information is critical to your successfully completing a project on time. With VISUM, you can tap into an ever-expanding base of knowledge for use on individual projects, your entire current portfolio and even for future projects. Think of VISUM visual project management software as your always faithful watchdog.

Simple project collaboration software designed by those who know

  • Drag and drop workflow management.
  • Visual cues that illustrate work blockages and bottlenecks.
  • Customizable work package cards and swim lanes of progress.
  • Automatic and customizable card rules
  • WIP limits
  • VISUM logs all changes.