VISUM Online Project Management Software Training

ViewPoint Solution Design Workshop

In two content-rich days, we will help your execution team design your ideal project delivery process and build a plan to go faster. Right away.

We’ll create a customized solution to fit your processes to ensure immediate success. We’ll work on the transition issues, both hard and soft, so you can see benefits from day one.

On the first day, you will gain insight in to the fundamental strategies required to deliver your projects faster and more reliably. You’ll get an overview of the ViewPoint method, and how to make it work.

On the second day, you’ll be applying these concepts to design your ViewPoint visual project management system. You’ll design your own Visual Project Board to facilitate effective collaboration and decision making.

Let us be your guide

We will travel to you and run an intensive workshop with you and your team. The workshop outcomes will be detailed enough to enable you, or one of your senior team members, to implement ViewPoint and VISUM with little or no external assistance.

Comprehensive and practical

The ViewPoint Solution Design Workshop is designed to answer the three most critical questions your organization is likely to have about Visual Project Management:

  1. What will the execution process end-state be (how should your project delivery process be designed, resourced and managed)?
  2. How will you get there (how should the change initiative be structured)?
  3. What will the financial impact be (cash flow and payback time)?

Additionally, the workshop is designed to bring your execution team into alignment around this important initiative. They are far more likely to get excited about executing a plan that they have built themselves.

Day One: Visualize Your Projects

On day one, the objective is to get the team to understand the elements they need to be successful and agree on the goals for the initiative. These are the cornerstones of your ideal project delivery process. We’ll peel away the layers and challenge every preconceived notion you have about delivering projects.

This will lead to some serious thinking, some strenuous debate, and preparing steaks from your sacred cows! You will challenge every preconceived notion you have about delivering projects. In the end, you’ll have the basic components of your process; with greater clarity, efficiency and far more effectivity than you ever imagined possible.

  • Discover why projects are rarely on time and on budget
  • Learn what is needed to deliver projects successfully
  • Understand the processes and behaviors to deliver consistent execution results (Project Execution Maturity Model)
  • Explore how to visualize projects and build team collaboration using a Visual Project Board

Day Two: Laboratory

On day two, the focus is on execution; how to transition to this end-state as rapidly as possible, without disrupting your business along the way. Armed with the knowledge you gained on day one, you’ll design your ideal project delivery process for your organization.

You and your team will work out the practicalities of making the change. Your team will map out what activities and accountabilities are needed to move from where you are now to your vision state.

You’ll also look at the required process management metrics and governance roles.

And finally, you will consider how to best integrate all these new processes with your existing sales, engineering, production, fulfillment and delivery operations.

VISUM Trial and Implementation Roadmap

After the workshop, we will take what your team has developed and build your process in VISUM. You’ll be ready to begin immediately.

Mark will write up the outcomes and conclusions from the Solution Design Workshop and present them back to the executive team in a formal presentation of findings. This document is both comprehensive and practical. It will show you the path you need to follow to implement ViewPoint Visual Project Management within your organization in a thorough, step-by-step plan.

You’ll get a workflow diagram of your ideal project delivery process, showing who does what, when, and the supporting processes required to make it work. You’ll also get a revised organization plan (as needed) to support governing your projects, delivering them, and improving the process along the way.

You’ll have 90 days to evaluate VISUM with unlimited users at no additional cost.

Request a Solution Design Workshop

If you complete the form below, we will send you a detailed overview of the Solution Design Workshop, including pricing options. Mark will want to speak with you before committing to run a workshop (primarily to confirm the opportunity to deliver significant value).

This offer is only available to organizations with 25 or more employees.

Plus, we’ll send you a complimentary copy of Visual Project Management

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Build on What You Know

In a transition of this magnitude there will always be uncertainty. What happens when a bottleneck crops up? Can the team handle the change? Will the team respond as expected? And so on.

Consequently, we always propose an evolutionary approach to implementation, building on what you are already doing. Thus, the team can move as quickly as possible, mastering each element before moving on to the next. Success upon success.

You don’t need a Workshop

Our customers consistently report that these Solution Design Workshops are enormously valuable. It’s not unusual for organizations to make radical changes to their delivery process after their workshops (that is our aim, after all).

If you want to implement ViewPoint in your organization, you don’t need a Solution Design Workshop, but, if you’re in a hurry, if you want to get results fast, with less risk, then a workshop makes sense.

What people are saying about ViewPoint

“The value opportunity for us is in the $10M+ a year from gaining additional efficiency and throughput.”
-Group Manager
“When we come to meetings at the Board, typically we spend about 10 minutes, if not less. Morale is way up.”
– Project Manager
“The benefits were immediate. Our team recognized key bottlenecks and started removing them. As a result, more projects are getting moved into a `ready´ status, faster.”
– Project Engineering Team Lead
“When teams from different disciplines come in and see the same thing on the Visual Portfolio Board, you understand immediately what needs to be done. I think that is a big, big advantage.”
– Vice President and Project Director

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Solution Design Workshop cost?

Your investment in the Solution Design Workshop is $14,500 (excluding Mark’s and the accompanying consultants’ travel and living expenses). This investment covers the two-day workshop, a comprehensive outcomes document and a formal presentation-of-findings meeting.


Our terms require payment in full, at time of booking.

If you are prepared to commit to our Managed VPE service prior to the Solution Design Workshop we will roll your Solution Design Workshop into month one of the MVPM engagement fee (meaning the workshop is free).

Furthermore, you may opt-out (with no penalty) at the end of month two, if you decide, post workshop, that you’d like to go-it-alone.

For many organizations, this is an appealing option because it benefits the company either way.

If you proceed with Managed VPE, you save $14,500 (and a lot of time); and, if you don’t, you get the Solution Design Workshop for $12,500 (which is our standard monthly fee for Managed VPE), saving $2,000.

What are the deliverables of the Solution Design Workshop?

Although the deliverables of the workshop are flexible (and should be!), we deliver the following basic items:


  1. A clear understanding of your current reality. Including what’s working — and what’s not — with respect to your delivery process
  2. A conceptual model of the desired future state
  3. A conceptual and practical model of your future state (resourcing, process design, technology, measurements, etc.)
  4. An implementation plan to transition your organization its future state
  5. Document containing a summary of the conclusions we reached, along with any diagrams
  6. Presentation of findings to your management team in a formal workshop (as needed)
  7. An operational visual project or portfolio board in VISUM
  8. A 90-day license for the advanced package of VISUM for unlimited users
  9. Four Personal coaching calls after the workshop, to guide your team to success


In creating the above, we consider the following:

  1. Organizational strategy (how this initiative fits with your overall objectives)
  2. Project planning (how you create new projects / orders)
  3. Progress-management (how and who manages the progress of your work)
  4. Communication and Collaboration (what gets communicated, when, how problems get resolved)
  5. The integration of the processes above with rest of your work
  6. Staffing / Organization requirements (roles and accountabilities)
  7. Process management, governance, and metrics (how do you synchronize activities within — and between — processes?)
  8. Change-management issues
Who will facilitate the Solution Design Workshop?

The Solution Design Workshop will be facilitated by Mark Woeppel. Mark is the founder and President of Pinnacle Strategies. He will be accompanied by your Engagement Lead, who is an MVPE Consultant.


Mark is responsible for the development of ViewPoint (Pinnacle Strategies’ approach to project delivery. He is also an expert in the Theory of Constraints. He’s the author of Visual Project Management and many other books and articles on process improvement.

Mark presents ViewPoint to many executives at conferences each year and spends most of his remaining time consulting on its implementation.

He has led consulting transformation projects in North America, Asia, South America and Europe, with organizations ranging in size from the Fortune 50 to countless small and medium enterprises.

Who should attend the Solution Design Workshop?

We recommend:


  1. The team be no larger than 18 people
  2. It includes your senior leaders accountable for delivery – the “architects” of your business
  3. If the firm has advisors with an interest in delivery (operations), they should be present
What will happen as a result of the workshop?

While we prepare the Solution Design Workshop in the expectation that you will engage with us, there is no commitment to do so. We are careful to prepare this Solution Design Workshop so that it has true stand-alone value. What you should expect:


  • New knowledge about the general causes of poor performance
  • A diagnostic of your delivery process and problems
  • Concrete actions and a timeline to improve your delivery performance
  • Team consensus on the root cause and direction to go towards a solution
  • A ready-made solution to put into practice immediately
  • You’ll have 90 days to use VISUM at no additional charge
  • Personal coaching to make your implementation a success