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Visual Project Management

Despite investing millions in project management training and developing more “project management maturity”, research proves that few projects are delivered on time and on budget. ViewPoint addresses the core principles and practices that project teams can employ—no matter what environment they’re in—to improve productivity, reduce project durations, improve delivery performance and stay on budget.

ViewPoint takes a contrarian approach to improving project performance, emphasizing execution capabilities more than planning methodologies. Execution behaviors are the leverage point and prerequisite to significantly improve project outcomes.

The ViewPoint methodology uses a Project Execution Maturity Model (PEMM), proven to consistently lift project team performance time and again. It helps managers identify and implement the best practices to drive superior execution results; project execution no longer needs to be left to the artisans; rather, it can be treated like a science, with clear cause-and-effect relationships between practices and outcomes. It doesn’t have to be provisional or impromptu; it can be taught and repeated.

Learn how one team got the focus they needed using the Project Execution Maturity Assessment.

Transforming the Project Execution System:
Deliver On Schedule and On Budget.

ViewPoint improves situational awareness by using Visual Project and Portfolio Boards (VPBs) to make all projects in the portfolio visible, allowing for early intervention and strategic management of the bottlenecks that block project progress. It is a cohesive, scalable process to rapidly increase productivity and output rapidly – usually in a matter of weeks.

Rather than taking the team away from their work to do more planning activities, ViewPoint focuses on getting the work done – emphasizing collaborative execution activities and accountability to improve the team’s effectiveness. This then allows the resource team members to engage more with the work to be accomplished (rather than sit in meetings to talk about them).

Stand up Collaboration Meeting

For the team members, ViewPoint takes them out of firefighting/expediting mode and establishes daily and weekly routines and processes that allow them to identify high-priority tasks and bring issues and obstacles that are halting progress to the forefront.

This higher level of engagement improves productivity and thus releases capacity to accelerate project(s) completion.

For managers, ViewPoint provides objective, actionable metrics that allow them to understand what is going on in the projects

The ViewPoint Project Management System will rapidly improve your project performance, increase team collaboration, and reduce expensive rework.

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