VISUM + Salesforce = Happier clients + teams

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How can you get your project management and sales teams to collaborate more?


Now, you can collaborate with your sales team without having to jump back and forth between tools or bombard each other with email.


Our ViewPoint VISUM integration with Salesforce automates the creation of new work packages (cards), helping you manage your customers and your tasks all in one view.

This will give your account teams accountability and 100% visibility into clients' projects within Salesforce.

Thus your sales teams will always be on the same page with your project teams. 


And the best part is - our integration is just one of dozens of systems that you could easily integrate to with Visum. We partnered with Zapier to integrate with dozens of popular tools. For instance, is among the most popular Visum integrations.


Get started with the powerful combo of ViewPoint Visum and Salesforce.

Try it for free here.



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